Types of Facebook ID

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In this post, I would introduce to you how to find ID of objects on Facebook. They are including IDs of user (UID), fanpage, group or even one special post.

How to find one fanpage’s ID and post

By manual
For ID of fanpage, you should click its avatar and then see the link on browser as following:
The red string of number is fanpage’s ID.
For ID of one special post, you should click on “ posted time” as below:
Now you will see some types of link on your browser such as
The red string of number is post’s ID.
By tools
I have developed one effective tool that supports to find ID of fanpage or post very quickly. You can see it here: http://findmyfbid.com/

How to find facebook UID ( user ID and profile ID)

This means find any facebook account. Here are some ways to check ID by manual and tool .
By manual
Entering into any facebook account and pressing his avatar, then have a look at url link on your browser as below
Red marked ID is user’s ID. You could do the same with cover pic.
By tools
There are a few of tools to check ID of facebook. I suggest you use the page http://findmyfbid.com/ to check ID coz it’s so fast and free.

How to find ID of group

To search for ID of group, you use the tool i mentioned above also. Or if you would check it manually, i’ll show you:
For instance, this’s link of group
You cant see where its ID is, right? In this case, fix somethings on your browser. You use “m” instead of”www”, then we have one new link like
Now, Facebook will be displayed by mobile mode as below:
At this time, press on “add members” and your browser is displayed like
The red string of numbers is that group’s ID.
In the case that you are not member of that group, you could also use “m” instead of”www”, then click its cover picture . it will be
The red string of numbers is that group’s ID, of course.
In short, you can find ID of any object on facebook now, cant you? This ID is considered as identity card. You will be able to use it for some cases. Good luck!

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